I have never seen glass milk before. I knew glass milk existed a long time ago. I bought the chocolate milk on 3/12/23…the bottle is a little less than half full. It is now 2:38 AM 3/13/23. Lol. I’ve always bought Hiland chocolate milk. But, comparing Ozark Creamery chocolate milk to Hiland…I will NEVER buy Hiland again. The Ozark Creamery chocolate milk is thick and smooth and just so amazing. My kids absolutely love it as well. I bought a small jug of Hiland, I then put the Ozark Creamery and Hiland chocolate milk in separate cups and my son immediately dumped out the Hiland milk. Lol. I will most definitely be buying Ozark Creamery chocolate milk from now on, no matter what. Lol


Truly the Best

I was visiting the American Made General Store in Conway, AR looking for gifts to send to a friend showing products from Arkansas when I stumbled across the Ozark Mountain Creamery strawberry milk. The glass container definitely caught my eye and the fact I haven't had strawberry milk in quite a number of years made me want to buy it even more. The taste overall made me think back to when I was growing up baling hay on my grandparent's cattle farm back in Louisiana, so I'll definitely be buying more here soon.
Y'all should definitely consider shipping to more locations in Arkansas and maybe even southwest Louisiana in the future!

Peyton Cooper

Chocolate milk

What a wonderful product when I first saw it on the shelf it took me back to my childhood then I brought it home and opened it and like a child I drink almost all the chocolate milk first day.

Jerry Schallenberg


I stumbled across this milk at the American Made store in Brookland, Arkansas. It is the best I have ever had, including the organic milk I used to buy from a well known chain. I am totally converted to your milk, you can taste the goodness(greatness?) in it.

Mark Green

Simply delicious

Until recently I hadn't drunk dairy milk in more than 20 years, then while shopping there was a very nice young woman offering samples. I was chewing mint gum at the time so passed on the sample but because she seemed to genuinely care for the product I bought 3 bottles, 1 of each flavor in stock.
The Root beer float was like having desert! The chocolate and regular made me a milk drinker again and have become regular stock items for me.

Tom Christian

Absolutely wonderful

I first found this at the American Made store in Brookland, Arkansas. I chose the 2% milk and have no regrets. This is the the BEST milk I have EVER had! I only drink your milk now. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will be a loyal customer from now on.

Mark Green

Perfect Source of Vitamin D

Absolute best milk I've ever tried. I have been on the typical almond milk kick since it went rogue for a few years due to stomach aches with drinking milk from the store. I tried Ozark Mtn's whole milk, choc and strawberry and none of them irritate my stomach I can even drink upon waking up in the morning! I love that this is a family company and from my state of MO. Keep up the great work!

Milk Lover

Best Chocolate Milk this side of heaven!

I first tried Ozark Creamery’s milk about 7 years ago when my mom brought some back from their trip in Branson. Now every time I go to Missouri or a friend or family member I’m definitely having them pick me up some. I love their Chocolate milk it is the best and has such a pure taste to it. Definitely recommend!

Thomas Qualls

Amazing taste!

I am from south Mississippi and have built a cabin in Missouri over the last couple of years. I saw the glass jugs of milk and just had to try it although normally the only kind of milk that I will occasionally drink is chocolate. But my husband loves milk! Anyway I tried the white milk and chocolate and they both were amazing I have also tried the strawberry, orange cream, and butter pecan and they were delicious as well. It's to the point now that everytime I go to the cabin I have to bring back 7 or 8 jars for the family!

Bethany Kitchens

Butter Pecan - WOW!

My favorite ice cream flavor is butter pecan. So, when I saw the sign for your seasonal butter pecan milk, I wanted to try it. I didn't expect it to taste as good as ice cream. It absolutely does. I hope Butter Pecan season repeats each year. Well done!

John Parke

Very tasty

I bought my first half gallon at Schnucks Groceries in Dardene Prairie.
Its a bit pricey but I can easily afford the extra cost.
The milk has a very good smooth taste and is excellent for cooking.
And the reusable glass bottles are big plus for the environment.

Douglas Nix

I have been a Mo resident all of my 54 years. As a kid, I remember the wonderful flavor of the milk from our cow Daisy. What great memories.

Now, I can have that again through your products. My son loves it too. It’s now the only milk we drink. The quality is amazing. Please keep doing what you do.

Jerry at St. James

Jerry Prewett

I'm a milk drinker. I grew up next door to a dairy farm and have a soft spot for dairy farmers. The low prices of milk I see in the stores concerns me because i know that means the farmers aren't getting paid what they deserve. I found ozark mountain creamery, and looked into what you guys do, I'm hooked. The milk is real milk, real flavor. The glass bottles do make it a little pricey, but it's worth it. Your farm and creamery is exactly what we need in this country. Love it, keep up the good work

Evan Myers

Awesome milk!

like many others as i walked up to the dairy section i spotted the glass bottle i saw it was a little higher price but i liked the glass bottle remembering days gone by how i drank milk by the gallons back then,but for years i couldn't drink much it up set my stomach.the first sip i took sold me i love it brings back memory's of buying from the dairy out of the chiller in Penn..awesome milk!!

Roy Lyons

Unbelievable taste !

I bought a bottle of your chocolate milk at the American Made store In Pocahontas Arkansas Sunday, and the glass bottle is what first drew me in. I hate to admit I’ve almost drunk the whole bottle by myself it’s so good and really appreciate the quality in your product I will be buying more and will telling friends where to get it !

Casey Martin
Martin electric

Thank you for an excellent quality milk. I purchase from Suzanne’s Natural Foods in Joplin. The whole milk makes
the best kefir. Also, thank you for all your hard work.

Judy B.


Thanks for the quality product.

For years I have purchased Peavely Farm or Central Dairy milk by the gallon. One gallon would last our little family of three almost a week and a half. It was nothing special. Now we get the barnyard box from Root Cellar in Columbia and we are officially hooked on the quailty of your milk. We drink 2 gallons a week now! We do not mind the price point as we find it to be well worth it. We also appreciate the glass containers, adds to the craftsmanship and taste. Thanks for the quality product.

Availability !

After moving back to gasconade co approximately 3 years ago,. I discovered this wonderful product in a local store and have been happily enjoying "real milk" again. Now I am told that the store in gerald will not be having it any more. I do understand the reasoning of your company as the store is small and delivery to them probably don' the even pay the driver. I am however sorry to lose availability. I will miss that milk !

C.A. Verman

Got Milk!!!!

I was never a milk drinker, decided to try the cream line. I was hooked! We drink the 2%, whole and cream, they are all wonderful. Highly recommend.

Connie Hager

I discovered your products about a year ago. I had no idea what i was missing my whole life!!! Though i'm not a big milk drinker i'm hooked on the cream line. It's just so rich. Now i can't stand the standardized over processed stuff that i grew up on. So glad i found your products!!!

Melody Love

Real Milk

The milk is awesome.  In fact, my children no longer will drink any other milk, stating, "I want real milk."  The Russells

Fountain of Youth??

I have to have cream line whole milk sent to the Schnucks store in Bridgeton MO.  They have some of your other milk, but do not have cream line.  I bought some of this at a store in Richland MO, and after a half gallon I look AND feel 75 years younger.  Now my wife flirts with me all the time.  Thanks, Patrick

Customer for Life!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you just how much I enjoy your products.

My husband and I recently bought a small cabin in Dent County and we have made two trips from Florida to get thing settled before we move there permanently, which will will be sometime in September.

On one of our trips, I stopped at the Town and Country market in Licking and picked up a bottle of your milk. We were in love right away. You definitely have a very high quality product. I was so impressed, I ended up bringing several bottles back to Florida on ice for family members and they loved it too! Now I have standing requests to bring a cooler full back each time I come to Florida.

I read the article on your business in the Rural Missouri newspaper today and was just thrilled to learn more about your farm and how it is truly a local business where even the kids pitch in.

You have a customer for life in our family - and now I'm even spreading you into Florida! I am a chef and I do a LOT of cooking. Do you have any plans to eventually produce heavy cream and buttermilk?

Again, thank you for your wonderful product, all of your hard work and we wish you thriving success!

amazing milk

We went into country mart the other night and noticed your glass bottles. We were curious as to how fresh milk taste so we bought a bottle. Needless to say , we won't buy store milk again. It is so sweet and good. The kids love it too. Excited to try the other flavors as well!! I grew up in Mtn.Grove so I am glad to support a local business from my home town and am suggesting your milk to everyone!!

Amy combs

Your milk is the best! I was drawn to it initially because it came in a glass, returnable bottle. I loathe plastic! Once my family and I tried your milk we were hooked. It tastes great and is produced with all the values and ethics I look for when making purchases, and that can be tough to find these days! Thank you so much!

Angelique Prce

great milk

I love this milk so much that when I was visiting a friend in Mountain Grove, I purchased two bottles, iced them down, and drove back to SC with them. I would love to have them shipped to me on a monthly basis, your milk is that good!

sandra mcnair
dragonfly farm


I love your milk !! I missed having this ULTRA-PREMIUM MILK available in grocery stores. I'm going to miss your dairy goods when I go back to Alaska.

James Densel

I had heard that your milk was very delicious and finally had an opportunity to buy a half gallon. I wasn't that big of a milk drinker, but I absolutely love your milk. In addition, I appreciate the returnable glass bottles. Thanks for all you do.

...I know I am supposed to select my milk and other perishables last, but I like to head to the dairy section first and place my Ozark Mountain Creamery bottles of milk prominently in my shopping cart. Inevitably, other shoppers ask me about your product and I enthusiastically tell them how much I like it. The milk is so delicious, the bottles are re-used, and I'm buying from a local farm family.

We are new to Missouri, but were passing through Vancil's supermarket in Campbell, when my children spotted your products on the dairy shelf. They BEGGED for a container of your chocolate milk. I NEVER pay that much for any milk, but it looked so delicious and fresh, I relented. It lasted a day and a half, only because they got to playing and forgot about it....We will be repeat customers, but not just chocolate. Thanks for a great dairy line.


Finally! milk that tastes like milk again. I haven't been able to drink milk for a long time, it hurt my stomach. Your milk tastes like the milk I had as a kid that was delivered fresh to our door each morning by the milkman. Your milk does not hurt my stomach. Thank you for bringing back good milk that is good for you. The chocolate is my favorite; I feel like a happy kid again.


My goodness, what a difference in your milk versus other brands. It is totally digestible and has such a rich pure taste. I am so thankful that I can purchase your milk here locally and you indeed have a loyal customer, as all it took was one taste. These times when life is so complicated and all we hear as consumers is "new and improved," I dare say you can truthfully say Original and just like life used to be when the milkman delivered milk to our doors


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