Ozark Mountain Creamery — More than just a glass bottle.


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Why Ozark Mountain Creamery
  • Local
  • Family Owned
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Artificial Hormone Free
  • Vat Pasteurized

Customer for Life!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you just how much I enjoy your products.

My husband and I recently bought a small cabin in Dent County and we have made two trips from Florida to get thing settled before we move there permanently, which will will be sometime in September.

On one of our trips, I stopped at the Town and Country market in Licking and picked up a bottle of your milk. We were in love right away. You definitely have a very high quality product. I was so impressed, I ended up bringing several bottles back to Florida on ice for family members and they loved it too! Now I have standing requests to bring a cooler full back each time I come to Florida.

I read the article on your business in the Rural Missouri newspaper today and was just thrilled to learn more about your farm and how it is truly a local business where even the kids pitch in.

You have a customer for life in our family - and now I'm even spreading you into Florida! I am a chef and I do a LOT of cooking. Do you have any plans to eventually produce heavy cream and buttermilk?

Again, thank you for your wonderful product, all of your hard work and we wish you thriving success!